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Sarah Jakes: Lost & Found Review

I started reading Sarah Jakes new book,Lost & Found: Finding Hope in the Detours of Life, on a Friday night and finished it the next day. As a member of The Potter’s House, I was aware of Sarah’s story. I never connected with her until she and I were married the same year and divorced the same year. I read Lost and Found with tears in my eyes as Sarah described her marriage. I related to the pain of a cheating husband,the outside children,and the embarrassment that went along with it. I realized that I was not alone. Knowing that other women were in the same position was comforting.

Sarah’s book is written with a level of honesty that has been missing in society. As ” church people” we tend to place our pastor’s children on a pedestal and forget they are human. Sarah show that aside from having a famous father,we are all the same. God’s grace flows from Oak Cliff to the mansions of Highland Park.

Lost and Found takes readers on a journey. You will cry,laugh,and cry again. In the end, you will shed tears of joy. I grew up with books such as Woman Thou Art Loosed and No More Sheets. I will be the first to say that, Lost and Found is the Woman Thou Art Loosed of our generation. This book is for some of us that don’t know church lingo,but know Lil Boosie. Sarah’s transparency will reach places that TBN can’t. Sarah’s face is on the cover,but God’s words are inside the book.

3 Things I learned from Lost and Found
1. Sarah does give up easy
2. First Lady Jakes will send B6-13 to find her children
3. Sarah is not intimidated by the police
( read the book and it will make sense)

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Slim Thug/Z-Ro- The King and The Boss

Today Z-Ro posted a photo on Instagram regarding the release date of the joint album with himself and Slim Thug. The posted date is June 1. The album is titled as The King and The Boss.June 1 is also a Sunday, therefore I can’t confirm the release date.