Rick Ross: Mastermind Review

The wait is officially over! Although, the album has been streaming for a few days, I decided to wait until the official release before I listened.The gift arrived a day earlier than expected.. No complaints here. As a fan of Rick Ross I have been impressed with his growth over the years. The production and overall quality of his work has increased. In reality, that is all I expect out of my favorite rappers. After six albums Ross has grown and is not only dominating southern rap, but is claiming his position in rap as a whole.  Mastermind is filled with soulful songs that make you forget about the dope, the bad bitches, fast cars and money, but allow you to dream of a better life. Sonically and lyrically I love it. The album is not a classic, I am not sure if rappers make classics anymore. Mastermind has amazing beats that will be played in clubs throughout the South. I am thankful Sean Combs oversaw the production of, ” Nobody” I am always hesitate when the classics songs are sampled. As a fan of Notorious B.I.G, Ross made me proud. “Nobody”, is easily one of the best songs on the album, followed by ” Devil is a Lie” , ” Sanctified”, and ” In Vein”

As I listened to the album I experienced a moment of nostalgia. It reminded me of the dirty south rap I was raised on, but merged with upscale production. Maybe this is how Master P would have sounded if he had a few sessions with Diddy.

Songs To Keep:
2.The Devil Is A Lie
3.In Vein
4. War Ready
5. Sanctified
7.You Know I Got It

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