2 GOOD TO BE T.R.U Tour Review

Last night I made my way to Dallas to catch the 2 Good to be T.R.U tour. My main reason for going was to see Pusha T. I have his album on constant replay. When I arrived at the venue I realized that most of the girls came to hear New Orleans native, August Alsina. I was only familiar with one of his songs,but the teenage girls knew his songs word for word. Since the venue was standing room only,I decided to stand and watch in an effort to save my energy for Pusha T.

Pusha T arrived on stage performing “King Push.” The bulk of the crowd obviously did not know the songs off his new album. Myself and a Caucasian dude standing beside me rapped with Pusha T as he continued to perform. I enjoyed his performance,but he seemed so serious. He had no crowd interaction just straight rapping. I wish he would have acknowledged his true fans that only came to see him.

When 2 Chainz arrived on the stage,the place went crazy! Even if one was not a fan of his music,you left the show a fan. He interacted with the crowd,especially a 5 year old guest named Chaz. 2 Chainz danced,laughed,and rapped every song with passion.

Overall, I enjoyed the show. I wish they would have selected a venue with actual seats instead of standing only. I really wish rap shows will start on time. If the ticket says 8:00, it should start at 8:00.





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