Kevin Gates – By Any Means

By Any Means by Kevin Gates may have made me a believer. For years I debated with my siblings regarding the greatness of Kevin Gates. I must admit, I was not a fan initially. I didn’t understand why everyone loved his music. I met him almost a year ago at Big T Bazaar in Dallas. He was very personable,not the aggressive rapper I hear on his music. The more I listened to his music I realized Kevin is not your traditional Southern rapper. His music is not overdosed with lyrics of money and cars,but of pain and life experiences.

As I listening to ” By Any Means” I try to ignore the fact that he does not stay on beat when he raps. I focus on the lyrics and the emotion presented in the songs. Songs such as “Movie” explains the birth of his children. “Movie” is touching song which takes you through the birth of his children from his perspective. I would consider it to be the street version of “Glory” by Jay Z. Rico Love blesses the album on “Go Hard”, which should be the next single released on the album.

Overall, I enjoyed the album. Kevin Gates managed to create his own lane in hip hop. When you listen to him, his birthplace no longer matters. You relate to his pain and his desire to win. You want Kevin to win when you listen to his music. I know guys like Kevin Gates that feel they have no voice in society… He speaks for them…He is their mouth piece…

Songs To Keep:
1.Wish I Had It
2.Don’t Know
3. Can’t Make This Up
4.Keep F***** With Me (Plies)
7. Go Hard (Rico Love)
8.Stop Lyin’
9.Just Want Some Money
10. Get On My Level


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