On The Run Tour: Black Excellence

Last night I had the privilege of attending the On The Run Tour in Arlington,TX. The tour consisted of Jay-Z and Beyoncé,no opening acts. As a die hard fan of Jay-Z and Beyoncé I have attended a plethora of their concerts. I may even have the set lists memorized. I enjoy their music and respect the time they put into their show production. I knew the On The Run Tour would be different. 1. No African American performer has performed at AT&T Stadium for a concert. 2. Jay-Z and Beyoncé have never toured together before. 3. Mediocrity does not exist in the Carter household.

The energy in the stadium was joyful. We all waited patiently for the show to begin not knowing exactly what to expect. For weeks the concert has been posted online, but I had to experience it for myself. The show opened with “Me and My Girlfriend,” the song that we first witnessed them on a couple. Throughout the show Jay-Z and Beyoncé rotated music sets and shared the stage together. It was cute to watch Beyoncé rap alongside Jay-Z as he performed songs such as, “Tom Ford.” The outfits were amazing,they complimented the stage. During the intermission extended versions of the “On The Run” movie trailer was previewed for the audience. The show was not just Jay-Z and Beyoncé performing their duets,but Jay-Z did more of his hard core records. Beyoncé performed slower songs,such as “Resentment” and “Why Don’t You Love Me”

Overall, The On The Run Tour was worth every penny that was paid. The energy and love Jay-Z and Beyoncé showed each other elevated the atmosphere in the stadium. As a hip hop fan it is rare to see black couples happy and enjoying their life. At the close of the show home video was shown. We were able to see The Carter’s have a normal life, and spend time with their daughter, Blue Ivy. As fans we have to learn to appreciate the growth and maturity of our culture. In a world where taking someone’s girl is glorified, The Carter family have provided the world with a glimpse of black love,black excellence,opulence. I left the show feeling proud. Jay-Z and Beyoncé continue to push the culture forward, as fans we should do the same in our own lives.


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