New Interview: CRWN Featuring T.I.

Elliott is showing love to the south again by interviewing T.I. It is always a blessing to listen to artists tell their story.


Brick House Presents: The Running Reckless Conference

Typically, I only post links to the Southern Hip Hop that I like and enjoy. Tonight I am switching things up to share an upcoming event that is dear to my heart. On November 21-23 Brick House, the Young Adult Ministry of the Potter’s House Church of Dallas is hosting their first CONFERENCE! The conference is titled ” Running Reckless”!! On Friday night,November 21,2014 all roads will lead to the Running Reckless Conference. Running Reckless will not be your typical conference. We are going to have an amazing time! The Brick House leadership team have been working hard to create a great event where God can be glorified!

Special guests include:
Onterio Green
Bishop T.D Jakes
Sarah Jakes
Car Lentz
Chris Hill
John Gray
Sam Evans
Micah Stampley
Planet Shakers Band
Jabin Chavez

Click on the link to register:


New Mixtape:Lil Boosie “Life After Death Row”

Instead of releasing an album Boosie has decided to release a mixtape called “Life After Death Row” 1. I would have saved that title for an album. With him leaving Angola the title is more fitting than Touch Down to Cause Hell. 2. Why release a mixtape when you have enough popularity to release an album? Either way the mixtape will be released next week.


Rapsody: Beauty and the Beast Album Review

There is constant debate in hip hop circles about the direction the culture is going. We debate and complain about commercialism, weak raps, and misogyny. As a fan and lover of hip hop, I often worry about the state of hip hop. On October 7,2014, I stopped worrying about the future of hip hop. Rapsody released her EP Beauty and the Beast. Beauty and the Beast is the hope for the future of hip hop. Rapsody is what Obama is to the Democratic Party. The culture needs her rhymes and skills.

Listening to Beauty and the Beast is comparable to fine dining. Rapsody serves listeners high quality rap food. The lyrics are exquisite,word play is exceptional. Beauty and the Beast is a classy album. It is not plagued with a plethora of cuss words or sexually explicit lyrics. Rapsody created a work of art that can be played in the same cycle as The Blueprint or Illmatic. When Jay Electronica stated,” flow is elegant like Mrs. Coretta Scott King,” I am positive that he was speaking of Rapsody.