The Evolution of David Banner

 The first time many of us heard the voice of David Banner,he was yelling,” step into the club looking just like a pimp,we got cash so we screaming out shake something b****.” His hit song, Like a Pimp, played constantly on the radio, while the video played constantly on 106 and Park. Overtime,David Banner continued to make traditional southern hip hop music. His music was mixed with violence and misogynist lyrics. David was always proud of being from Mississippi. He discussed racism and poverty that plagued the south. Listeners loved his music, but overtime his popularity started to decrease. He became more outspoken on social issues and his audience began to shift.

Often when our favorite artists aren’t as popular in regards to album sales,they tend to fade into oblivion. Due to social media we have access to the artists life outside of social media. Following the death of Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland,Eric Garner, David Banner became outspoken towards race,religion and issues regarding social justice. David Banner is currently on a lecture tour throughout the United States. Yet no mainstream press or music blog is covering David in his current space. We all loved the ratchet songs that did not elevate our community. Now that he is challenging the way we think,the levels of support has dwindled.

In David Banner we are witnessing the evolution of a rapper that we did not get to witness in 2Pac or Biggie. Imagine is 2Pac would have made it to 30 years old. Would he still promote Thug Life  or channel his anger into something positive? Instead,we have witnessed David Banner grow into a mature black man. He uses his celebrity status as an outlet to bring awareness to issues plaguing the black community. 

David Banner’s music has changed. His upcoming album, The God Box, has a song called ,”Marry Me.” The song promotes marriage. Yes marriage,not pimping,just marriage. “Marry Me”is arguably the most positive song David has released. Have you heard it on the radio? Has your favorite website posted the song? David’s music currently promotes positively I the black community. He is Chuck D with a southern accent.

David Banner’s next album, The Godbox, should sell at least 100k the first week. Twitter is full of debated about positive hip hop or who is a better lyricist. If we really cared,David Banner’s new music will be played on every radio station.As consumers we have allow artists to grow. Let’s face it,most of us are at least 30 years old, we should diversify our music. I love trap music like anyone else, but we must expand our musical palet. As fans of black music we must enjoy and celebrate how David Banner continues to evolve.

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