3D Na’Tee – Bigger Than Rap

“And I ain’t grow up with presidents like Maliah did or Sasha Obama,bling my pops and my mama. I was pushin’ rocks,my classmates pushed a Honda. Now I’m clean in my colon,that shit ain’t gettin’ these commas. These bitches get in the game and start thinking that they Madonna. But this is rap,you hoes killing the genre.” – 3D Na’Tee Doomsday Cypher

New Orleans.Third Ward.Delachaise Street. This is the origin of one of my favorite rappers. One the eve of her album, The Regime,I’m reminded of the importance of having 3D Na’Tee in the music industry. I first heard 3D rap in “Switch” which is a video of her rapping over Timbaland beats. Since the release of “Switch” 3D has been courted by major labels. Your favorite MC has consigned her skills. Kendrick Lamar offered backstage passes after her freestyle with Sway,she politely declined. Not out of disrespect,but because it’s bigger than hanging out with rappers. The question is are we working or not?

For 3D it’s about expanding the 3D Empire. In the era of social media,musicians don’t need the backing of a major label to be successful. 3D has proved that theory to be correct. The former drug dealer is not only performing at music festivals and releasing amazing freestyle, but she is lecturing at top universities about her career. There is a 3D Na’Tee app and she is co owner of Lasserre Cognac. 3D never had to stand beside a powerful male to get recognition. The 3rd Ward MC’s talent brought her to the ears of listeners. In the words of DJ Khaled 3D ” took the hinges off the door and put them in fuck boys hands.” Over the past few you years if you are a hip hop  connoisseur you that she has made a lane for herself in an arena full of carbon copies and ghost writers. She authentic,original and a great representative of New Orleans.

3D is an inspiration to all women, that anything is possible.3D is hustling by herself in New Orleans with the occasional visit from her brothers and grandmother. She is of the generation that watched Master P, Baby and Jay Z become successful by becoming owners and never allowing people to take advantage of them. As we gear up for the release of The Regime, take the time to listen to her prior music and pre order The Regime.


Written by Jasmine Nicole



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