What’s the Price of a Black Man’s Life?

What’s the price of a black man’s life? Checked the toe tag not one zero in sight – J.Cole 

Alton Sterling. The most recent American to be murdered by the police. Yes, murdered. By now we have all witnessed the video of two Baton Rouge police officers shoot Mr.Sterling in cold blood. He was subdued on the ground before he was shot multiple times. A husband and father won’t make it home tonight because the police acted irrationally. I don’t care about his criminal history. I care about his 15 year old son weeping because he has to continue his journey of life without his hero. 

Every summer I have to mourn the loss of a black man that was killed by police. As a black woman, I am tired, frustrated and fed up. I live in fear that I will happen to my young brother. My brother is a college student, he has dreads, flashy car and saggy clothes. To me ,he is the kindest soul that I know. I fear the police will view him as a threat and turn him into a hashtag. As an American I shouldn’t fear people whose salaries are paid with my tax dollars. 

There will continue to be protestS and boycotts by African Americans that show disdain for the actions taken by police. I believe the killings won’t stop until White Americans and police officers speak in our defense. White people tend to look at the victims and say, ” well he was a criminal.” Police officers will say, ” I felt threatened.”When will they admit that the cop was wrong and hold him accountable? I know great police officers,but there is a batch of rotten apples that are destroying the entire bunch.

I need police officers to hold each other accountable for their behavior and stop standing behind murderous cops that project thug behavior. To my white friends; open your damn mouth and check the system with us. Tell your friends that the cop was wrong for killing a defenseless man. Stop pretending to be our friend when we are singing along to rap songs but we can’t find you when it’s our turn to mourn our sons. To the white pastors of churches with majority black congregants; how dare you sit silent as your parishioners are murdered in cold blood? Oh, and please don’t come in my space to talk of black on black crime. This is about civil servants killing unarmed Americans. Not about Crips and Bloods,but cops killing unarmed American citizens.

R.I.P Alton Sterling

-Jasmine Nicole