New EP:CDot Smoka – Reflectionz of Society

CDot Smoka releases an eight track EP with appearances from Chill Will and Young Seed. Click on the link below.

What Would Jeezy Do


When the motto is Trap or Die and you don’t “trap” what do you do? You get motivated anyway. Since “Trap or Die Summer”, as I commonly refer to it even though the mixtape was released in January, Jeezy has been motivating the thugs! Thugs, trappers, street niggas… what if you don’t identify with any of the terms? So what, Jeezy still cooked up enough for you too. As a high school Jr when this classic dropped, living in Georgia, you can’t tell me a better soundtrack for ambition. 11, almost 12, years later… when it seems like everything is about being the buyer not the seller… What would Jeezy do this time? Jeezy takes it back to the pots and gives us “Trap or Die 3”.


This isn’t an album review. This is just acknowledgement. This is appreciation. This is motivation. I’m in the process resisting the current condition of consuming and disposing of the music, seemingly overnight, so I have to live with “Trap or Die 3” some more before I give my opinion of it. However, I can say after a few listens I’m not at all mad at the direction of it. Many times when artists attempt to recapture the feeling of project, by giving the title another addition, it doesn’t work out well. Trap or Die 2 was a personal favorite mixtape upon its release, but Trap or Die 3 could have very well been Godfather 3. An ungodly disappointment that tarnishes the name. This didn’t happen, thankfully. Jeezy has gone on record at length to document his tribulations over the last couple years from his arrest in California, his disappointment in being held out of the Correspondence Dinner President Obama invited him to, and Obama making amends also; all of those things led Jeezy into a state of mind that appears to be less politically correct. Who could blame him. But it’s also about putting the medicine in the candy. Whether it was Trap or Die, Thug Motivation, or Church in the streets Jeezy has always spoken for the unheard. He’s always spoken for the forgotten. Sometimes he was speaking for us, but at all times he was speaking TO us. He still is. The tone I take from early listens is that no matter how far you go, you’ll still have to stay on your square. Life will always test you. You can’t make enough money to pay life not to throw things at you. Coming from the bottom is applauded by some, but it’s still resented by others. That’s when they’ll do whatever they can to send you back to where you came from.


What I thank Jeezy for the most is demonstrating that growth is possible while not completely forgetting things and people you grew up with. Some things and people you lose along the way but you don’t have to lose yourself. Your heart has to be your foundation. Humility is important, recognizing your mistakes so you can be better, but so is consistency. You have to be the man you are every time people see you. So every time Jeezy drops a new project and I’m thinking “What will Jeezy do?” … the answer has always been the same; Be Jeezy!


Trap or Die 3 in stores now!!

-Travis Cochran

Dreka Gates Responds to Kevin Gates Sentence 

Dreka Gates,the wife of Kevin Gates responded to his sentence of 180 days in a Polk County,Florida jail. Dreka states that the prosecutor initially wanted Gates to serve 60 days in jail and take an anger management class. The judge overruled the prosecutors recommendation.