10 Favorite Lyrics on Rapsody’s Crown EP

Rapsody released her Crown EP,which was filled with a lot of slick and witty lyrics. I composed a list of my 10 favorite lyrics…If I missed any of your favorites let me know.

1. Now I’m dropping jewels as if we gave up on the marriage

2.But y’all pilgrims, y’all just want to steal shit 
I feel like Nat Turner reciting these God verses

3.You wrote a whole book, I could kill you with a sentence
Slavery still alive, they just changed it to a sentence

4.5’3″ and I’m the tallest and there’s no one that could follow
Shade don’t phase me, I sleep in a sombrero

5.I’ma pull up in something ignant, I promise just watch
.Enough to make momma worry about them profiling cops

6.I know common niggas act common, but I know Common
This bitch in you well all see, yea I’m so

7.Dot called me a feature spot
You felt you shoulda been the one so you treat me funny

8.Cause the boss man’s wife’s sister’s sample is what I’m rapping on?
Jamla is the squad and Roc Nation still the family man

9.Another hashtag in the streets, motherfuck it all
Don’t invest your money in a business that don’t fuck with y’all

10.He said he likes smart girls and that he from the islands
Gave him my number told him “make sure that you dial it”
Watched me as I walked away, you know you girl stylin’
Playing playlists off Tidal

That’s my list. Granted there are a lot of hot verses so if I missed your favorite lines tweet me @downsouthnoise and let me know.

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