Noreaga is Right: Hip Hop Needs a Union

A union in hip hop? Yes, I know it sounds crazy,but in the midst of his drunk facts,NORE is putting medicine in the Tiger Bone. As an avid listener of Noreaga and DJ EFN’s Drink Champs Podcast, I know that NORE is passionate about a union in hip hop. He mentions it to his guests,but many brush over the idea. A hip hop union would be beneficial to its members. For starters,let revisit who Noreaga is. Noreaga is half of the rap duo, Capone and Noreaga and he has had success as a solo artist. NORE has pedigree within hip hop,he is well connected within the industry. I purposely mentioned his career to prove that he isn’t some new rapper thats trying to create new rules in hip hop.

A union in hip hop would be a governing body for artists that would speak on their behalf. A union could negotiate contracts with record labels and streaming services. Imagine something as simple as a healthcare plan or life insurance. Your favorite rapper has a fancy car,but does he have life insurance to take care of his family if he dies? What if Boosie didn’t have the cash to pay for his cancer treatment? Who is there to stop a new artist from signing a horrible contract from a culture vulture? The hip hop union would have the capacity to handle those issues. A union would put the power in the hands of the artist and people that work behind the scenes. Hip hop has a powerful voice. If the artist would come together they could make demands regarding issues within their community and the well being of the artist. 

Listen to NORE. He is smart.He is trying to help.That’s a fact!

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