Trav Trippin’

Yo… Trav Trippin’
Anything To Be Mad At 

I’m sick of it. Yall just need a reason. An idle mind is the devil’s playground and yall get molested by dumb shit daily. Simply because you’re bored or misinformed or miseducated. This week we saw people act like the apocalypse was upon us because the remaining episodes from the hit show Power were leaked.


“Trav tell em why you mad, son”


This is why I’m mad. We LOVE the fact that our favorite Netflix shows give us the whole season at once. Nobody complains about what time or what day everybody watched episode 4 of Narcos. But we’re so programmed, that the very term for how these shows do business is television programming. Conditioning weak minds to believe everybody has to do the same thing at the same time. Like the same things. Be mad about the same shit. On Demand is literally a thing because we all have lives that changes when we can actually watch shit. AND WE LOVE IT!!! Spoilers? We knew Frank Lucas was going to jail when Denzel played him in American Gangster. We knew Easy E was going to die and that Dr. Dre was going to leave Death Row Records for Interscope when we went to see Straight Outta Compton. What happens is always important, but never as important as how it happens. Spoilers never bother me. And people knowing what’s going to happen only bothers yall when the TL tells you it should. For the most part we’ve been guessing the next big thing to happen this whole season of the show anyway. We all knew the old white man in jail was Tommy’s dad. We knew Tasha was gone be her typical disloyal self and catch another body and let the wack attorney in the kitchen. So it really don’t matter when the episodes come out. The problem is TL got control of your mind, when your mind should have control of the TL.


Shut up sometimes and just enjoy the show


-Kool OG Trav

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