Trav Trippin’:Let me tell you idiots about this thing called marketing:


Relative to our culture, it’s when celebrities who comfortably are living their lives but have a product to distribute so they need a narrative. And since yall care so much about their lives and cheating, they create the dysfunction that your life revolves around and magically they’re the trending topic of the week. Not the product. THEY are the trending topic of the week. So for my narrative I’ll use T.I. and Tiny. When it was time for their final season of their reality show, “Family Hustle”, magically it was at the genesis of serious cheating and divorce rumors. A full season of nonchalantness by Tip, pain and newfound “INDEPENDENT WOMAN” rhetoric by Tiny, separate houses, mistresses (The Bad IG model & the “old friend” of Tiny’s), and also regret by Tiny with leaving and wanting “her man” back while he was out here moving on with his life. They put all the bullshit in the gumbo and yall ate it up! Add in Floyd Mayweather, the most hated and arrogantly and loved athlete in the world and you had a perfect script. Yall argued about the cheating daily like it was your relationship even though we know Tip and Tiny do what they do. The campaign worked. It got yall worked up with every week of broadcast and when the season was over, they disappeared. No more random headlines. No more Tiny arguing in comments on IG with women. No more clips of Tip “Disrespecting or downplaying” his relationship. Poof. Gone. 


“A pawn’s only purpose is completely suicidal” – Pusha T


Enter Kevin Hart and his admitting to cheating over the weekend. I don’t know if this is marketing, but what it shows is that we as people have an addiction to dysfunction and other people’s mistakes. As long as people are happy we can’t stand it. Beyonce and Jay-z used to be knocked for “Acting like they perfect”. Until “The Elevator Incident” and subsequent albums “Lemonade” and “4:44”, they had an audience that had a deaf ear to them because they didn’t seem to have scandal and betrayal in their marriage. Kevin Hart spoke so boastfully about his wife and why he would never cheat that people are now RELENTLESS with their “I told you so” and “You ain’t s***” and “You lose them how you got them” comments to him and his VERY PREGNANT wife. Yall don’t care about these people and their pain. Yall don’t know these people and the arrangements or betrayal in their marriage. But what I do know is, whether Kevin Hart cheated or not, whether his wife is going to stay or go, he put out that video because his BRAND was being jeopardized.


Let me tell you about this thing called marketing!!!!


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