Trav Trippin: Everybody Not a Boss

“I never seen a worker with so many jewels” – Hov


Being a Boss ain’t for everybody…

I’m a hip-hop baby! Born in the 80’s. I learned just as much from my favorite rappers, if not more, as I did from my teachers. That’s why I’m fully aware of how powerful their influence is. I know we kill the new era of rappers and this generation as a whole for being less cerebral, less concerned with substance, and less thorough… but honestly, it’s my era’s biggest stars who are to blame for it.



“What’s up Jay-z? You know you owe the truth to all the youth that fell in love with Jay-z”


Jay-z is one of my favorite rappers, but he might be the most responsible for the trend of EVERYBODY thinking they have to be a boss. Well, Him & Dame. Don’t get me wrong, ownership is a very important thing, but it became the popular thing in the world to “be a boss”, so much so that nobody wants a job anymore. Jay-z brought his hustle mentality full force into the rap game. He “out-hustled” every rapper before him. His long for music wouldn’t let him compromise the integrity of the art, but that’s not what he preached in every song. Every interview. Every freestyle. He talked that money shit. Now niggas who can’t tell you what’s 10% of 100 think they can/ should be a Boss! Not in the sense that they need to do the leg work to educate themselves, work the long hours, or take years to perfect their product… they think that by some happenstance they just shouldn’t “work for somebody else” or “get nobody else rich”. Jay-z’s (rap) children took his ambition and recycled it for themselves but they didn’t have his barriers to break down. They didn’t have to work AS hard. The music continuously became less about the art and originality and became more about getting money, or at least looking like it and talking like it. The internet only worsened this. It killed the barriers of entry. The gatekeepers. Then Hip-Hop became so dominant and so absolved of the original elements and spirit of it as it began to completely dominate culture. And so did the “Boss” mentality.


If Everybody’s a boss, who’s really working

On social media daily all you can see everybody talking about being a boss. You can talk to people who are unemployed and barely surviving that’ll tell you “I just can’t work for nobody”. It’s the craziest shit ever. But this is the Boss Culture. We’ve conditioned people to believe they ain’t shit if they not a boss. That they ain’t shit if they not rich. And I’m sick of it!!! I ran my own business for 5 years. It wasn’t the glitz and glamour that people seem to think it is. At the end of my first year, I was 30k in the red. I put 100k miles on my car in that year traveling state to state to work accounts. I might’ve had 20 home cooked meals that entire year. I missed my son’s first steps. I was driving at 12 am until 6 am to get to work at 8 am and get off at 5pm to drive more until about 8 pm. Then doing invoices to 10pm. This was a regular thing. Only to still be in the red. You don’t start a business and go straight into posting ya Wraith on the ‘gram. And businesses don’t run off dreams. If you don’t have an investor you gotta “work for somebody” and “get somebody else” rich for a while until you save up capital. It ain’t sexy. But the problem is, as Ace said at the end of Paid In Full, “I guess you don’t have to be somebody no more, you can just front like you somebody you ain’t”. I say that to say, if everybody knew what all it took to be a boss, and was doing everything it took to be a boss, I would be more ok with it. But they’re not, they won’t, and frankly… everybody can’t. Everybody not built for that type of leadership. Or that type of sacrifice. But you don’t have to be. Just make some dope tweets and some dope captions and never get a job, despite your circumstances.


Imaginary Players.

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