DJ Khaled CRWN Interview : 10 Things You Need To Know

DJ Khaled stepped away from Snap Chat to discuss the keys to success with Hip hop journalist Elliott Wilson. The CRWN interview aired on MTV2, which is the first time the interview series has been presented on network television. Check out a few takeaways from the CRWN interview.

  1. Khaled believes that he is one of the best DJ in the world.
  2. His family had multiple businesses growing up/ lost everything.
  3. First album had a Kanye West feature.
  4. You can’t stop hit records!
  5. Elliott wouldn’t let Khaled get the CRWN interview last year.
  6. On his next album,every song will be a single.
  7. Khaled has an anthem with Future and Jay Z!
  8. Khaled has 2 Jay Z verses!
  9. Secret Service would not allow Khaled to bring his phone into the White House.
  10. Love is the answer!

Why Is T.I’s Muzik So Bad Now?


“I’ve been a menace to society {since when?}, since Menace II Society, still refused to become a legitimate citizen quietly” T.I. x King of the South, Trap Muzik


Where’s that guy? Do we have to have that guy? Can T.I. be the king of the south if he’s no longer young, reckless, and one foot in the street? Can he just reminisce on old stories or does the feeling have to be current? These are all valid questions if you ask me. Coming from a very avid T.I. fan since the first time I heard “Still Aint Forgave Myself” at Florida State’s Team Camp after my freshman year in high school, I don’t know if I’ll ever get that feeling again from his music. But why? I’m usually an advocate of letting artists grow. I love when the music matures. My problem with T.I.’ s music seems to be that his music is stuck in the middle. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still bright spots here and there but I can’t remember the last time I was in a rush to click on a new T.I. song link. The last amazing verse from T.I. is cloudy in my mind. The last T.I. project that I lived with in rotation for reasonable amount of time was Trouble Man, which has great single records such as “Sorry” or “Trap Back Jumpin’” but as a cohesive project it just didn’t mature well to me. When I say it seems like he’s stuck in the middle what I mean is that he doesn’t really seem to know if he wants to be the OG or the young gun that just jumped off the porch that has to prove himself. It is perceived  as forced. Some of his verses are spat in the vein of right now, while we definitely believe old Tip would’ve done that, we don’t believe Family Hustle Harris is STILL doing these things. That is where the disconnect begins. From my perspective it seems like he wants people to know he’s still bout it instead of being comfortable in the progression. Then we have the other elephant in the room, most southern rappers, don’t RAP anymore. Southern rappers run the game now so it’s a sound and a time that doesn’t cater to diversity or bars.  There are two prominent flows ; the Migos flow and the Future flow. Both flows are  running the region so with T.I. trying to fit in he doesn’t stand out. I remember on “Gangsta Grillz: Down With The King” when Pharrell says T.I. is “like the down south jay-z”… that meant something. While some people believe otherwise, I believe Jay Z was able to successful balance getting older and wiser and less blatantly street and still be able to talk about his prior life without going too far with trying to keep up with the street and maintain this mystical street appeal. I unconsciously expected T.I. to do the same and his transition just hasn’t been as smooth. At the end of the day it’s about the music but the music has to be believable in this culture. I understand and personally enjoy and applaud “Family Hustle Harris”. I for one am sick and tired of it not being more representation of good black family life on television yet Love and Hip-Hop is playing year round but your music has to respect the images we see. No one is condemned to being one way all the time, or at least they shouldn’t be but to me it’s just too much jumpin’ back. Pun intended.


Just My Thoughts

Travis Cochran

Dub Demond: The Return of the Prodigal Son

Second chances. We all get chances to fix situations that we may have messed up. Whether it was a relationship or personal choices that may have caused harm to our life, every new day is a chance to fix it. Saturday afternoon at Fully Loaded Cafe in Bunkie,LA I had the opportunity to meet a man that received a second chance in life and is making the most out of the opportunity. His name is Dub Demond.

Dub Demond is a rapper that happens to be a born again Christian. Dub Demond recently released an album called Take Control of Me,which can be found on ITunes.  Dub Demond was influenced by New York Mc’s and break dancing. Rappers such as Scarface were also an inspiration to him. Prior to giving his life to Christ Dub grew up in church,but he strayed away in his teenage years.  Dub was eventually sentenced to over 25 years in prison for a crime that he did not commit.

After serving 17 years in prison, Dub was released from prison and returned home a changed man. He did not stand behind a pulpit and share the gospel,but he grabbed a microphone and spoke a language the streets understood: hip hop.

His lyrics are filled with truth straight from the Bible. His album even includes a song that is a semi battle rap called, “Highly Favored” He is also filming a video for,Patch it Up. I recommend that you listen to his music and his testimony. Both have the ability to heal the soul.

Take Control of Me by Dub Demond

18,250 Days by Dub Demond