The Breakfast Club on the Rap Radar Podcast

Elliott and B.Dot are finishing the year off strong with an interview with The Breakfast Club. Angela Yee,Charlamagne and DJ Envy discuss their rise to radio royalty. The Breakfast Club is syndicated and can be streamed on IHeart Radio and Revolt TV.

60 Seconds With Jay Electronica


December 1,2014, one of my hip hop dreams came true. I was able to watch as Jay Electronica performed in Dallas,Texas. I first became acquainted with his music when he signed with Roc Nation. ( I know I am late to the party) I became fascinated with his music. Exhibit A and Exhibit C captured a level of my attention that I had not experienced from a new artist. Jay Electronica was and continues to be unlike any rapper I have heard from New Orleans. Jay Electronica is highly respected in hip hop circles. Hip hop heads have been patiently waiting for the release of his album.

I have followed his career through Instagram,Twitter,and on the special occasions when he has released a song. I often wonder how Jay Z allowed him to hold on to his album for years and not release it. (Just Blaze has confirmed that the album is complete) Jay Electronica is extremely popular and his fans are patient. I have yet to hear anyone speak ill of Jay Electronica.

Last night I experienced the aura of Jay Electronica. He arrived on stage wearing a black hoodie,basketball shorts, and the style of gold teeth you only see in Louisiana. Myself and the remainder of the crowd rapped along with Jay Electronica word for word as he stood 5 feet in front of me. At least twice he performed in the crowd. The second verse of Exhibit A was performed in the crowd acapella, a song which references the levees being blown up during Hurricane Katrina.

Once his set ended, Jay walks through the crowd towards the back of the venue. I followed a gentleman that I assumed was his assistant to Jay’s location. He was surrounded by fans that wanted to talk, take pictures and offer to buy him drinks. Jay made everyone feel special. He smiled,looked them in their eyes, and held conversations with them. He behaved as an equal,not a celebrity that has hip hop waiting for their debut album. As I wait for my turn to get a picture, I realized that I am about to be in a class of people like Elliott Wilson,Angela Yee and Jay Z that have been blessed to be near Jay Electronica. I politely ask him for a picture,he smiles and agrees, we take a selfie. I also took a picture with Jay Electronica and my best friend. He is wearing his 5 Percent Nation chain that Jay-Z gave him this summer.

I left the venue with a higher anticipation for his album. The way he interacts with people displayed a level of humanity that is rare in the often overly aggressive culture of hip hop. Even though he and I did not sit and have a long conversation about music I connected his good vibes. If I was in church I would say that I connected with his good spirits. I want Jay Electronica to win. He is a man of the people. After the 60 seconds I spent with Jay, I understand why the world loves him. When his album is released it will be a special event. It will change how you look at hip hop. Pay attention to how he moves. Yes, Jay Electronica is a great lyricist, but it is his treatment of God’s people that has made him rap’s savior. His base loves him, soon the world will.

Goodnight this is Down South Noise from Texas