5 Reasons Kevin Gates is the King of Louisiana 

 Fight me. I know Boosie fans will probably put a hit out on me for this post,but all praise be to God F a bodyguard. Kevin Gates is the most popular rap artist out of Louisiana right now,regardless if you like him or not,you can’t ignore him. Here are 5 reasons that Kevin Gates is the King of Louisiana:

  1. Kevin Gates album, Islah was #2 behind Rihanna selling 112,142 copies in the first week. Rihanna! That’s a big deal
  2. He performed on the Wendy Williams Show. Wendy Williams is nationally syndicated,you can’t buy that type of exposure. Google Wendy Williams
  3. Married his longtime girlfriend Dreka.
  4. He is versatile: he can sing,rap,write and the media loves him.
  5. Respected by the hip elite :Bun B, Plies and Pusha T

New Interview: The Return of Kevin Gates to the Combat Jack Show

Kevin Gates interviews are always interesting..Last time he came to the Combat Jack Show, he reminded us that penitentiary rules were in effect.. Click…listen..comment  


10 Things I Learned From The Kevin Gates Episode of the Combat Jack Show

1. Kevin Gates has not been happy since 2007
2.His mother gave him a Starter Jacket and a pistol
3.Kevin often reads to his mate
4.Kevin can determine a woman’s PH level by her eyes
5.Kevin will do anything to please his mate
6. Kevin will not speak on Rick Ross being a correctional officer
7.He has a masters degree
8.Celebrity woman try to get with him and he declines
9.His kids travel with him
10.Kevin has an extensive reading list and is very informed