New Interview:Aisha Raye

The city of Dallas has many talented artists, more specifically there are many talented female artists. Dallas native Aisha Raye is an up and coming rapper that I was able to discuss various topics with. 

Aisha Raye was born and raised in Dallas,Texas specifically the Pleasant Grove neighborhood. She was raised by both her mom and grandmother. Aisha starting rapping at the age of 19 following the birth of her son. Born in a household of singers,Aisha was influenced by her mother and grandmother. The music of Anita Baker and Smokey Robinson was also an influence for her love of music.

Besides rapping,Aisha is the owner of her perfume and clothing line. Aisha remixed Nicki Minaj’s ,”Lookin Ass” as a challenge to herself to beat Nicki at one of her hardest songs. We can expect a mixtape soon. The mixtape will be titled,”Aisha vs Aisha Raye”

Below is a link for the,”Lookin Ass” remix.



New Interview: Buffalo Black




 I recently heard Dallas MC, Buffalo Black for the first time at D.O.C’s concert Straight Outta of Dallas. Buffalo Black was the first artist to perform. I was enamored with his stage presence and professionalism. I attend a lot of hip hop concerts and hits hard to find a young artist that understands the art of performing. Following his set Buffalo Black and his manager agreed to an interview. 

Buffalo Black just released a new album called Surrilla with 12 tracks. He mentioned that some of his influences are Radio Head and Lupe Fiasco. His sound is not one of traditional Dallas hip hop, but a sound that is unique to him. Buffalo Black has been rapping for almost 5 years. When I asked if he wanted to sign to a major label, his response is that he just wants his music to be heard. I recommend that you go to to purchase his album. You can follow him on Twitter @buffaloblack

Instagram@ buffaloblack

Support your local rappers!!!!!

The D.O.C Performs For The First Time In Dallas

The D.O.C returned to the stage at the Bomb Factory in Dallas after an accident left him unable to speak. It was a heartfelt moment to hear him perform. He was surrounded by Scarface,Erykah Badu,and DJ Yella. Dallas rappers performed prior to The D.O.C and showed respect to him. Artists such as Fat Pimp,Dorrough,Add,Buffalo Black,DSR,Lady Savage..It was an epic night in Dallas,TX


Post Malone Visits The Rap Radar Podcast

Dallas rapper is the latest artist to visit Elliott Wilson and B Dot on the Rap Radar Podcast.. This is definately on the list of things to listen to this weekend.


New Interview: Dooney ┬áDiscusses His New Single/Mega Church Pastors

Dallas Rapper,Dooney talks about his new anti gay song and his issue with mega pastors saying his name in the pulpit. Dooney is not new to hip hop,he has been rapping the Gospel for at least 20 years.. What are your thoughts on the interview?