DJ Khaled CRWN Interview : 10 Things You Need To Know

DJ Khaled stepped away from Snap Chat to discuss the keys to success with Hip hop journalist Elliott Wilson. The CRWN interview aired on MTV2, which is the first time the interview series has been presented on network television. Check out a few takeaways from the CRWN interview.

  1. Khaled believes that he is one of the best DJ in the world.
  2. His family had multiple businesses growing up/ lost everything.
  3. First album had a Kanye West feature.
  4. You can’t stop hit records!
  5. Elliott wouldn’t let Khaled get the CRWN interview last year.
  6. On his next album,every song will be a single.
  7. Khaled has an anthem with Future and Jay Z!
  8. Khaled has 2 Jay Z verses!
  9. Secret Service would not allow Khaled to bring his phone into the White House.
  10. Love is the answer!

Jay Electronica Did Not Say That

Friday night and Saturday morning,the unicorn himself, Jay Electronica treated his fans to about three hours of Periscope footage. All of the blogs that make a living out of baiting viewers made headlines of Jay Electronica slapping 50 Cent and calling Kendrick Lamar his son. Calm down guys, here are a few things Jay Electronica stated.

  1. He would slap 50 Cent IF he got out of line
  2. He did not like To Pimp A Butterfly but agreed to revisit it
  3. He believes he is the best rapper alive ( As he should)
  4. He only reps 3 things: The Nation of Islam, 3rd Ward New Orleans, and Roc Nation
  5. He has multiple versions of Act II
  6. He was joking most of the time so chill people